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Sponsorship Day – August 19

OA Sponsorship

  • OA World Service Business Conference (WSBC) 2017 voted to create a “Sponsorship Day” to be held annually on the third Saturday in August.
  • Sponsorship Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the need to sponsor others and the importance of sponsorship in our own recovery.
  •  Share your appreciation for your sponsor or for the opportunity to
    give service as a sponsor.
  • Explore popular sponsorship questions in the new OA podcast series!
Sponsorship Success” is a new, nine-part podcast series by OA members from various regions sharing their experience, strength, and hope with using the Tool of sponsorship.
1. What is a sponsor?
2. Why should you get a sponsor, and how can you get a sponsor?
3. Why be a Sponsor? Why be a Sponsee?
4. When can you start sponsoring? When can you start being sponsored?
5. What are the sponsorship job descriptions–from sponsor to sponsee and back?
6. How can you break down the barriers for both parties?
7. What are some different sponsoring styles?
8. How do you work the Twelve Steps with a sponsee?
9. How do you work the Traditions with a sponsee?

PLUS, download the Sponsorship Success questionnaire—thought provoking questions for writing exercises, discussion, or meditation that complement each podcast in this series.

First Saturday Of The Month OA Speaker Meeting in Santa Maria 8/5/17 9:30-10:45

The First-Saturday-of-the-Month OA Speaker Meeting!
Saturday, August 5th   9:30am – 10:45 am
Bethel Lutheran Church (1 block away from the back entrance–off College Drive–of Allan Hancock Community College)
624 E. Camino Colegio  Santa Maria, CA  93454

Join us in welcoming a (to almost all of you) brand-new speaker to the Central Coast! Listen to her ebullient, no-nonsense approach to recovery and journey out of darkness and into a life of hope, strength, endurance, and joy.
Traveling all the way from Santa Barbara, let’s show her we appreciate the lengths she has traveled to share her recovery!
Don’t miss this opportunity to mix and mingle with…
a person with a story of hope and recovery, peace and serenity
a potential sponsor or friend
someone who, as a result of working the steps, is reaching/has maintained goal weight
other recovering members you may not have seen for awhile…
Don’t miss the opportunity to get insight into…someone with another way of looking at their life; the solution; and what may be holding you back
another way to enlarge your OA family/circle of recovery!
Experience some hope, strength, and hear about a new way of life…it’s all here…this Saturday!