December Events Summary


Dec 6 1:00pm Twelfth Step Within Committee Do you have experience,
strength, and hope to share? Do you want to help those who could use a hand? Returning from Relapse? In the rooms but struggling? Join us!

ron-smith-63tBU8et1YY-unsplashDec 6 1:00pm-4:00pm PT Steps 10, 11, 12 OA RISE

Dec 12 Twelfth-Step-Within Day WSO established this annual event in 2009 to support the still suffering compulsive eater within our fellowship. Carry the message of HOPE and RECOVERY! Make an outreach call! 

Dec 13 12:00pm-1:30pm PT Young Persons in OA (members under 30) 2nd Sunday series – OA Virtual Region

jacqueline-munguia-1pAwJiCD60c-unsplash (1)

Dec 20 1:00pm-4:00pm PT From Fear and Fat to Happy, Joyous and Free for the Holidays! OA RISE

Dec 25 10:00am-12:00pm PT Holiday Thank-a-Thon East Bay Unity IG

Save the date!

Jan 1 Start the New Year with GRATITUDE! 10:00am-12:00pm PT Holiday Thank-a-Thon East Bay Unity IG

Jan 16-17 61st OA Birthday Party Weekend Celebration (Virtual)


Event Summary | November

jan-huber-9Ha7PgS8zgU-unsplashMeetings are Virtual…Recovery is Real
Join for Fellowship, Experience, Strength, and Hope…Together We Get Better!

Nov 22 – IDEA Day | International Day Experiencing Abstinence

Join OA members worldwide on “IDEA Day” as we
begin or affirm our abstinence from compulsive
eating and compulsive food behaviors.

Nov 25 – 3rd Annual Promises Workshop

  • Wednesday, Nov. 25 6:00-7:30pm PT Promises Workshop flyer
    Start your holidays off right …Come hear 12 abstinent speakers from all over the country, each speaking on one of The Promises and how it has come true for them through the OA program of recovery.


Nov 26 Thanksgiving Day

Check host site for recordings of previous November events:
  • Emotional Sobriety – The Next Frontier*
    There is More to Abstinence than Not Eating – 11/1 OA SGVIE
    (*Event name & subject inspired by Grapevine article “The Next Frontier: Emotional Sobriety” by Bill Wilson, published Jan 1958)
  • Step One Allergy of The Body & Twist of The Mind – 11/1 OA RISE
  • Celebrating Abstinence Under All Conditions – 11/7 OA CSSI Flyer
  • Sponsoring Chronic Slippers Love, Forgiveness, and the 5th Tradition. An exploration of all 12 Steps in the Big Book – 11/7 OA LAIG
  • CIIG Presents | Big Book  Retreat (11/6-8) Event Page with Survey
  • Abstinence & Keeping It The Difference Between Abstinence and a Plan of Eating (11/8)
  • Letting go of what no longer serves us Region 7 convention (11/6-8)
  • Hope & Recovery Conventionflyer 11/13-15 OA Region 1 Virtual Convention Keynote speakers, OA meetings, topic workshops and FUN!
  • Cleaning House for the New Year 11/14 We’ll be writing a 4th step & then cover steps 5 thru 8. Inland Empire IG
  • From Surviving to Thriving! OA Annual Women’s Retreat – on ZOOM 11/14-15 Hosted by SFVIG $30 – See flyer for more info.
  • Steps 1, 2, and 3 11/15 Refresher for the Holidays – one step each hour, with speaker and Q&A OA RISE

Recovery Retreat Nov 6-8

OA Recovery Workshop

Big Book At-Home Zoom RetreatSee & Share the Event Flyer
(all times Pacific Standard Time)

This recovery retreat will provide a clear understanding of how to identify trigger ingredients, our powerlessness, and the spiritual solution that can take us to a personality change needed to recover from our deadly disease and stay recovered. Our speaker is a Big Book thumper, with very long term abstinence, who will take us through The Steps—bring your AA Big Book and writing materials.

Join us Friday evening through Sunday noon (with breaks):

Friday, Nov 6: 7 PM – 9 PM PST
Saturday, Nov 7: 9 AM – Noon, 1 PM – 5 PM and 7 PM – 9 PM PST
Sunday, Nov 8: 9 AM – Noon PST

After the retreat, please help us improve our value to you, our fellows, by completing a post-retreat survey. You can find the downloadable Word document and instructions on where to email it here

Channel Islands Intergroup is excited to present this series of workshops based on the results of our Member Survey. Using the survey, we developed a Strategic Plan for the next 2-5 years, a Vision Statement, a Structure, and Goals, which you can view online in this InterVoice report.

Event Summary | October

Workshops-virtualMeetings are Virtual…Recovery is Real
Join for Fellowship, Experience, Strength, and Hope…Together We Get Better!

Oct 30 – Nov 1 Friday-Sunday

  • Oct 30-Nov 1 – OA Men’s Workshop (Santa Cruz OA) Info Here
  • Oct 31 10:30 am – 12:00 Abstinence Throughout the Holidays Three speakers (phone only) – SacValley OA
  • Oct 31 5:00 am – 9:00 pm phone marathon Halloween: Take Off the Mask! (It’s OK to Be Vulnerable) – meetings run every hour – Pacific Sunrise OA phone meetings 712.432.5200 use pin number 4285115#

Look for recordings of these October events on the host sites

  • Together, We Grow Our Recovery Oct 2-3 Southern Oregon OA Keynote: Step 1; Workshops: Getting Abstinent by the Grace of a Higher Power; What Do We Mean By Turning Our Life and Our Will Over?; Using the Steps and Traditions to Improve Relationships; Relapse Prevention
  • Dealing with Relationships Using the 12 Traditions of OA Oct 3-4  OANOCO | Workshop Handouts & Writing Questions 
  • CIIG Presents: Step 3 Workshop Oct 4 Info Here
  • Surrender & Higher Power Oct 4 OA Rise
  • Joys of Sponsorship Oct 10 OAOCIFlyer Panel with Q&A
  • Region 5 Convention Oct 10 OAR5 Speakers, workshops & panels
  • Firelight Zoom Meeting Where Recovery and Fellowship Ignite NJIOA
  • Finding a Higher Power in OA Recovery Oct 18 OA Rise flyer
  • Stepping into Recovery Workshop: Practicing Compassion and Forgiveness | Steps 6-11 Oct 18 Workshop flyerOA South Sound IG

Flowers Nature Header Blossom Bouquet Bloom

  • Sponsorship: Walking Day by Day Sponsors with 30+ years of abstinence share & take questions – Oct 24 LAIG Event
  • Region 6 Convention Focus on Recovery Oct 23-25 Info


Step Three Workshop


Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over
to the care of God as we understood Him.
A longtime local member shares her experience, strength, and hope on Step Three. There will be exercises so bring your Big Book, the OA 12 & 12, plus something to write with and on. There will be time for questions and sharing. See & share the Step 3 Workshop flyer.

Step 3 Spiritual Principle

Join us on Zoom:

  Sunday, October 4th
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (PDT)


  • The CORRECT Passcode is: 432127

Phone Access: 669 900 9128
Meeting ID: 826 0151 8873  Password: 432127

Channel Islands Intergroup is excited to present this series of workshops based on the results of our Member Survey. Using the survey, we developed a Strategic Plan for the next 2-5 years, a Vision Statement, a Structure, and Goals, which you can view online in the May-June 2020 InterVoice.

Event Summary | September

OA-RecoveryMeetings are Virtual…Recovery is Real
Join for Fellowship, Experience, Strength, and Hope…Together We Get Better!

Check host site for recordings of September OA events:

  • Life on Life’s Terms (Sept 6 OA Rise) How program can help you meet calamity with serenity—even when NOTHING seems certain
  • Making Footprints (Sept 12 Unity with Diversity IG) Staying on the Road to Recovery in a Changing and Challenging World
  • Twelve-Stepping Your Way Through FEAR (Sept 12 Rocklin/Roseville OA) COVID-19 Stress and Life: Practical & Tactical Approaches to Abstinent Living – flyer
  • Power of Surrender (Sept 13 North Jersey IG) – flyer
  • 19 Symptoms to Relapse (Sept 13 Virtual Region)
  • Sober Eating (Sept 13 South Bay IG) A commitment to identifying those foods and behaviors which produce an allergic reaction and an alcoholic response – flyer 
  • Twelve Step Marathon (Sept 19 East Bay OA) Multiple speakers share how OA’s 12 Steps transform people’s lives & their relationship with food
  • Steps 6 & 7 (Sep 20 OA RISE) Letting go of character defects (traits, obstacles) is a spiritual process. Join us in this caring approach to release them to receive the gifts and message of this program.
  • Step 2 Workshop (Sep 26 LAIG) History, common challenges, how to guide sponsees.
  • Service is Slimming (Sep 26 South Bay IG) What is service? How can I be of service? Why should I be of service? Hey, what’s in it for ME anyhow?
  • Back to Basics Big Book Study 6 Consecutive Sundays Sept 27-Nov 1 6:00-7:30 AM PT, Twelve Speakers, sponsors available (NJ IG).
  • OA Recovery with Mindful Meditation (Sept 27 OASGVIE) Cultivate calm mind, wise heart, ease and well-being. Increase emotional regulation, decrease reactivity, improve focus and attentional skills, have greater calm and ease.

Event Summary | August

pexels-lukas-296282.pngZoom into recoveryplenty of special events to connect with fellows to identify our common problem and confirm our common solution

Sponsorship Days – Worldwide OA Event – Aug 15-16
OA Quick Steps Workshop – Sat 8 & Aug 22 plus homework
Sweet Surrender Women’s (Virtual) Retreat – Aug 29

These events may have recordings on the host site if not linked below…

OAsis in the Desert (Region 3 Convention) – Aug 7-9
Healing Body Image: Shame to Sanity – Aug 8
How Shame Affects Recovery – Aug 8
New Sponsor Workshop – Aug 9
Sponsorship: Newcomers & Chronic Slippers – Aug 15
Recovery Workshop with Bulimia/Anorexia Focus – Aug 15
Simple Solid Sponsorship – Big Book 4-week method – Aug 15
**CIIG Presents!** Step Two Workshop  podcast – Aug 16 
Sober Eating Workshop (OASFVI) event recording – Aug 16
RISE There are no musts… but are there? – Aug 16
4th Step Workshop (LAIG) – spiritual dimension of Step 4 – Aug 22
OA Tools in Action (OASGVIE) event recording – Aug 29

Sponsorship Day | Aug 15-16

Celebrate Sponsorship August 15–16

forest-friends-friendship-grass-591216Sponsorship Day is celebrated the third weekend of August; this is a day set aside to acknowledge the importance of sponsoring in our fellowship. In Overeaters Anonymous, we are told that “together we can do what we could never do alone.” Nowhere is this principle more simply and clearly practiced than in the sponsor-sponsee relationship. Sponsors help us through our program of recovery on all three levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual. By working with others, sponsors continually renew and reaffirm their own recovery.

Share your gratitude with your sponsor and sponsees!

Learn more about how this valuable service helps strengthen recovery:

  • Sponsorship Workshop Aug 15 – how to help newcomers or chronic slippers
  • First 12 Days – new resource from WSO for recovery  & sponsorship
  • Sponsorship Success | Nine-part Podcast: What is a sponsor? Why should you & how can you get a sponsor? Why be a sponsor? Why be a sponsee? When can you start sponsoring? When can you start being sponsored? What are the sponsorship job descriptions—from sponsor to sponsee and back? How can you break down the barriers for both parties?What are some different sponsoring styles? How do you work the Twelve Steps with a sponsee? How do you work the Twelve Traditions with a sponsee?
  • Read Working with Others – Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th ed., chapter 7
  • Read OA Literature

OA Quick Steps Workshop

Are you new to OA or just need help getting through the Steps? Completing this two-part OA Quick Steps Workshop may be just the answer.
Aug 8 +
 Aug 22
9:00 am to 12:30 pm Central Time
Time commitment is two Saturday sessions plus homework. Expect to be very busy working on recovery for these weeks! You will need to have a sponsor who can help you through the 4th and 5th Steps.
There are no fees for this workshop, but we will be collecting a 7th Tradition donation. To register, contact Cecelia at 205-292-5242 or Registration is required as class size is limited. The Zoom link will be sent to registrants.
The purpose of this workshop is to get people through the 12 Steps quickly, to help people obtain a successful, life-long recovery, and aid in retention and growth of recovered compulsive eaters in OA. 

Download the OA Quick Steps flyer.

OAsis in the Desert | Aug 7-9

Join us in an OAsis of recovery!

OAsis in the DesertThe Fall 2020 Region 3 Convention & Assembly “OAsis in the Desert” scheduled for August 7-9, 2020 is now a virtual OAsis at Home. Members of Overeaters Anonymous can participate virtually in a weekend of Assembly, Workshops, Marathon Meetings and Panels available via Zoom. See the schedule of events here.

Registration is $25 and now open at Questions? Please contact