Body Image Workshop

PBody Image Workshopiedmont Intergroup Presents
Body Image | Virtual Workshop
May 16th 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. EDT

“Before recovery, many of us were ashamed of or even hated our bodies. Most of us saw a body that didn’t match what others saw, because our vision was clouded by emotional and spiritual turmoil. One of the greatest gifts of recovery is the ability to see our bodies as they really are.”

Abstinent speakers share about body image issues & their path to recovery. Workshop will be conducted via Zoom.

Sunlight of the Spirit May 15-17

Members of Central Oregon OA invite you to join them and a
Special Guest Speaker at a Virtual Retreat May 15, 16, 17

See this for Zoom video and phone options, contacts, and more event details:
Sunlight of the Spirit Zoom Retreat Flyer (PDF)OA-Sunlight-2020

For questions, please call: Jacque T. at 541-760-1574  or Trish at 541-419-9152
A suggested donation of $5 per session or $20 for the weekend would be appreciated and will help us continue to carry the message.

Download Sunlight of the Spirit Zoom Retreat Flyer (PDF)

Carry the Message at Ojai Day!

OA Channel Islands Intergroup will host a booth at Ojai Day, Saturday, October 19th from 10:00 – 5:00 in Libbey Park, near the fountain.

OA Members with at least 30 days of abstinence will be on hand to carry the message of recovery through the 12 Steps of OA and offer handouts & hope to still suffering compulsive eaters. Stop by and say hello or take a shift.

“Our primary purpose is to abstain from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors and to carry the message of recovery through the Twelve Steps of OA to those who still suffer.”

MEN OF OA – You are not alone!


ALL MEMBERS can help spread the word about, so every man in OA knows about their options for sharing in a way they are most comfortable.

“The World Service Survey done in 2010 revealed only about 13% of our fellowship consisted of men! Men in OA are invited to visit to see all the OA resources for men in program, and to learn how to connect with other men in OA, including in-person meetings, phone meetings, email discussion groups, and phone lists. That’s Please spread the word!”

Here are some resources to help men connect…

  • HTTP://OAMEN.ORG is a website for men in OA.
  • HTTP://OAMEN.ORG/MEETINGS — Includes lists of phone meetings as well as in-person meetings.
  • GOOGLE EMAIL GROUP: Email TUESDAY@OAMEN.ORG with your first name and last initial, to be added to this group. IF you include your phone number and time zone, you will be added to the OA MEN Phone Outreach List so that you may make and receive phone calls within the group.
  • YAHOO EMAIL GROUP: Visit HTTP://OA12STEPS4COES.ORG/LOOPS/MALE and submit your email address to be added to this group.

And some flyers to help spread the word:


A Step Ahead – OA World Services

ASA-2019-Q2Check out the newest edition of the quarterly newsletter A Step

Ahead from OA World Services.

  • Everything on the agenda for World Service Business Conference 2019The amount of OA’s financial surplus and how the funds are being spentA new way members who joined OA under the age of 30 can give serviceThe new suggested meeting contribution of $5