WSO Representative

Channel Island Intergroup

Service Opportunity: World Service Business Rep

Per the CIIG Bylaws (amended Oct. 2016):

WS Business Conference Delegates shall have at least one year of current abstinence and at least two (2) years of service beyond the group level. (Permission for an exception in qualification for valid reasons, if deemed credible by the Trustees, may be received by application to the WSO.)

Delegate for World Service (WS) Business Conferences shall be elected for a two year term. No delegate or alternate may run for re-election more than once in succession (i.e., a delegate may serve no more than a total of 4 years without interruption).

The WS delegate(s) will be elected on the formula of one (1) delegate for every 15 registered groups within the OACII, and one delegate for every fraction thereof.

Alternate delegates will be elected using the same formulas, in the event the registered delegate(s) are unable to attend the WS business conferences.

If you are eligible, consider stepping into service to
support CIIG…your fellows…and your recovery! 

Contact the CIIG Chair and join the Intergroup Meeting (first Thursdays @ 6:30pm PT).