New Book! Body Image, Relationships, and Sexuality

New from OA WSO:
Body Image, Relationships, and Sexuality; Personal Journeys to Recovery in Overeaters Anonymous.
“A first-of-its-kind collection of member stories about how our disease can be deeply intertwined with the most intimate parts of our lives—our deeply held traumas, personal relationships, and changing identities. In this book, OA members share openly and honestly about their journeys from unfulfilled—even shattered—existences to lives overflowing with the acceptance, freedom, and serenity found by working and living OA’s Twelve Step program of recovery. Find hope as you read in Body Image, Relationships, And Sexuality how these OA members became truly ‘Happy, joyous, and free.’ Softcover; 132 pages.” $12 ORDER SOFTCOVER

e-book: Amazon: Kindle; Barnes & Noble: Nook; Apple: Apple Books


First 12 Days – New Resource

OA World Service has a new resource for recovery & sponsorship!

“Sponsorship is a vital part of the OA recovery process, as it builds a tight-knit, trusting fellowship and invests purposefully in newcomers. To this end, our newest resource intends to bolster relationships with newcomers—and instill confidence in those new to sponsoring—by partnering those new to OA with a “temporary sponsor” to guide them through the pivotal first days of their OA journey. Stamp out feelings of intimidation about sponsorship and jump-start a newcomer’s experience with our helpful introduction to program.” —Read more at

The First Twelve Days in OA provides readings and discussion topics to…

  • Help newcomers, returning OA members, and other members learn about the OA Twelve Step recovery program by using this personal, short-term introduction to Overeaters Anonymous.
  • Help sponsees learn how the OA recovery program might help them to stop hurting themselves with food.
  • Help members who may be ready to sponsor but are reluctant to do so. This is an opportunity for a member to help a newcomer in a very structured way and to experience what it might be like to be a regular sponsor.

First 12 Days – Download PDF

Sponsorship Day | Aug 15-16

Celebrate Sponsorship August 15–16

forest-friends-friendship-grass-591216Sponsorship Day is celebrated the third weekend of August; this is a day set aside to acknowledge the importance of sponsoring in our fellowship. In Overeaters Anonymous, we are told that “together we can do what we could never do alone.” Nowhere is this principle more simply and clearly practiced than in the sponsor-sponsee relationship. Sponsors help us through our program of recovery on all three levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual. By working with others, sponsors continually renew and reaffirm their own recovery.

Share your gratitude with your sponsor and sponsees!

Learn more about how this valuable service helps strengthen recovery:

  • Sponsorship Workshop Aug 15 – how to help newcomers or chronic slippers
  • First 12 Days – new resource from WSO for recovery  & sponsorship
  • Sponsorship Success | Nine-part Podcast: What is a sponsor? Why should you & how can you get a sponsor? Why be a sponsor? Why be a sponsee? When can you start sponsoring? When can you start being sponsored? What are the sponsorship job descriptions—from sponsor to sponsee and back? How can you break down the barriers for both parties?What are some different sponsoring styles? How do you work the Twelve Steps with a sponsee? How do you work the Twelve Traditions with a sponsee?
  • Read Working with Others – Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th ed., chapter 7
  • Read OA Literature

Sponsorship Workshop

Sunday, June 7 from 12:00-1:30 pm PT (3:00-4:30 pm ET)

Open the Sponsorship Workshop for links to join Zoom by video or phone!

First Things First
Before doing anything, a new sponsor needs to study these OA pamphlets:
• A Guide for Sponsors
• Sponsoring Through the Twelve Steps
• A Plan of Eating
• Dignity of Choice
• OA’s Fifteen Questions

Key discussion points
• 28 Thoughts on Getting Newcomers Started
• Fifteen Questions (in Newcomers Packet)
• Getting Honest About Your Food and Weight
• Food Slip inventory
• Top Ten Characteristics of Effective Sponsors—we have Fifteen
• Seven Tips on Sponsoring

Questions or Information Requests can be sent via email, telephone or text: Jack P 709 746-8888 Email

Hosted by the Virtual Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous and the Outreach Men’s Sub-Committee (VIG)

Mindfulness Meditation

MindfulnessOA Recovery with Mindfulness Meditation

Saturday, May 23rd
from 1:00-4:00 pm PT

Sponsored by OA San Gabriel Valley Inland Empire Intergroup

Cultivate calm mind, wise heart, ease, and well-being. Increase emotional regulation, decrease reactivity, improve focus and attentional skills, have greater calm and ease.

Suggested donation is $10 for the event.

Click here for Mindfulness Meditation Event flyer with event contact and Zoom Meeting details.


Workshop | Sponsoring & Being Sponsored

November 9th | Four recovered panelists from the Channel Islands Intergroup and other areas will share their experience with sponsoring and being sponsored. This workshop includes a Q & A session and a Sponsor/Sponsee meet and greet. This is a great workshop for anyone who:
– Needs a sponsor
– Has a sponsor
– Sponsors
– Wants to start sponsoring
In other words – Everyone!

Saturday, November 9, 2019
Faith Lutheran Church, 1335 Vallecito Place, Carpinteria, CA
12pm-1pm  Fellowship Lunch (bring your own lunch)
1pm-4pm Panel Discussion

$10 suggested donation (No one will be turned away)

Questions? Contact Michelle W. (818) 515-6593 or Amy W. (646) 373-6828 or Natalie G. (310) 488-2893 or email

Download the flyer for your meeting!

ABSTINENCE Definition Expanded

“Abstinence in Overeaters Anonymous is the action of refraining from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors while working towards or maintaining a healthy body weight. Spiritual, emotional and physical recovery is the result of living the Overeaters Anonymous Twelve-Step program.”

Delegates at the 2011 World Service Business Conference (April 25-30) expanded The Statement on Abstinence and Recovery (WSBC Policy 1988b, Amended 2002, 2009 and 2011) to include the italicized words at the end of the first sentence.

Announcing a Ninth Tool of Recovery!

Recently, the delegates at OA’s World Service Business Conference (WSBC) 2010 adopted a motion that created a ninth tool called “Action Plan.” The Conference Literature Committee is working on a definition that will be presented for adoption to WSBC 2011. Until that time, OA members are free to interpret “Action Plan” as they wish.