InterVoice | May-June 2021

A New Way of Thinking

You can read or download the current edition here: May-June 2021 InterVoice.


  • World Service Business Conference 2021 News
    • “Unity with Diversity” Policy Revised
    • “Abstinence and Recovery” Policy Revised
  • New Pamphlets (print or e-book)
    • A Lifetime of Abstinence: One Day at a Time
    • In OA, Recovery is Possible: About Compulsive Eating and the OA Program of Recovery
  • Learn about OA history and our Founder, Rozanne S.
  • Recovery Resource Links
  • CIIG Steps 5-7 Workshop Recap
  • Watch Outreach and Public Info Videos from OA
  • Service Opportunities
  • Sponsors willing to take calls
  • Meeting List

InterVoice is the bi-monthly CIIG newsletter, with current meeting contacts, upcoming events, service board notices, and experience, strength and hope!

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