May 2021 OA Events

Events are added as announced…keep coming back for updates!

Tradition 5: Each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers. Spiritual principlePurpose

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May 1 A 12-Step Workshop on Body Imageflyer: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…through whose eyes do you see your body? Bring a writing journal, AA Big Book, AA 12×12, and OA 12×12. Suggested donation $5. [Southbay OA]

May 2 “How I Found God”flyer: Six Speakers | Breakout Rooms | Q & A From Sea to Shining Sea: A Special Workshop hosted by The North Jersey & Los Angeles Intergroups of OA. Join us for an interactive virtual workshop to strengthen your relationship with God. Fellows from around the country will share their experience in making conscious contact with a higher power of their understanding. See & Share 

love-togetherMay 2 Sponsoring Chronic Slippers: A Big Book Workshop for Chronic Slippers—those who are slipping themselves AND those who want to be of service to those of us who have slipped for years and are still struggling to get abstinent. We’ll discuss how love and forgiveness can support abstinence. [OA RISE]

pi-megaphoneMay 4 7:00-8:00 pm PT Public Information Committee Meeting – all are welcome! Help carry the message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers.

IG-UnityMay 6 6:30-7:45pm PT CIIG Intergroup (Zoom) Meeting All are welcome! Channel Islands Intergroup’s vision is to be a high-value Intergroup that helps the still-suffering compulsive eater, serves the membership and attracts new members, and strengthens OA as a whole. CIIG’s value is measured by its usefulness to members and meetings. Usefulness is our main product. Join us!

May 8 “Day of Sharing > Asking for Help” – speakers from Tallahassee (host city) and St. Paul.

forgivenessMay 8 Forgive and Live Forgiveness Workshopflyer [Inland Empire IG] 

May 9 “Relieve me of the bondage of self” – Losing our ego and realigning our will. [OA Virtual]

May 9 6:00-7:00 pm PT Chat with the Region 2 Chair on Zoom. Topics: Anything regarding OA Region 2 Assemblies, Intergroups, Meetings, Service, 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts of Service, etc. Just call in and ask your questions! [OAR2]

May 13 Help! I’m a Sponsor—Now What? Central Indiana Intergroup hosts a sponsorship panel with speakers, Q&A, and support to help you learn everything you wanted to know about sponsorship but were afraid to ask.

tim-mossholder-DZcZ4Kskq6U-unsplashMay 16 Doing the Do, Being the Be. A workshop where together we will observe the unmanageability that brought us to the rooms and doing the do & the being the be of the program. We will discuss the fruits of the 12 steps and utilize the tools. Then take a look at the possibility of reflection, being, and allowing rest and how that can assist our doing of the do. I am excited to share a safe space with you. [OA Rise]

friday-fun-danceMay 21 12:30-1:00pm PT Friday Fellowship Dance Party 1st & 3rd Fridays We invite you to dance, shake and play—turn on your video or feel free to turn it off …you get to choose your groove! Anyone wanting to stay after and share, there will be time for that. Send your favorite song(s) to Click for Zoom info. [OA Silicon Valley IG]

May 22 9:30-11:00am PT “Service and Recovery” – 4th Saturday e-Workshops [OA Virtual]

Recovery_BMSMay 22 Recovery of the Body, Mind & Spirit Workshop Come hear three speakers share about their recovery for each different area: mind, body, and spirit. The suggested donation is $5 but no one will be turned away. [Sac Valley IG]

May 29 Abstinence No Matter What Learn the difference between abstinence and a food plan and so much more! – Flyer  [San Fernando IG]

May 31 Memorial Day Phone MarathonSpiritual Principle of Tradition 5- Purpose ~ How Do I Carry  the Message of Recovery? Meetings run every hour from 5:00am-9:00pm PT around regularly scheduled meetings. Marathons are on the Pacific Sunrise OA meeting phone 712.432.5200 with pin 4285115#.