December Events Summary


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Dec 6 Steps 10, 11, 12 Speaker has 34 years of abstinence
101112jpgWorkshop focuses on the spiritual program of action required for the “daily reprieve”…the miracle of the removal of problem…that comes through the maintenance of a fit spiritual condition (BB pg 85). OA RISE

Dec 10 Hanukkah phone marathon: Miracles of My Recovery – PacSun OA

Dec 12 A Reflection Workshop: How Do We Really Feel About Relapse & Recovery? OASF Twelfth Step Within Committee

ACTDec 12 Using the Action Plan to Manage Our Abstinence > Rescheduled to Jan 23rd Because we must take ACTION to find abstinence & recovery! Flyer OASV

Dec 12 Let’s Talk About The Food – Developing a sustainable plan of eating to begin abstaining (not recorded). FlyerOA Oregon: Miracles Group

Dec 12 OA World Service Event Day Twelfth-Step-Within Day WSO established this annual event in 2009 to support the still suffering compulsive eater within our fellowship. Carry the message of HOPE and RECOVERY! Make an outreach call! –

ron-smith-63tBU8et1YY-unsplashDec 12 12th Step Within Day phone marathon – Step 12 Spiritual Principle: Service; Am I Reaching Out to My Fellows? New meeting starts every hour – PacSun OA

tina-witherspoon-9xEOFi3uGpM-unsplashDec 12 Candlelight Promises Meeting – Light some candles & enjoy 12 speakers share on each of the 12 promises (recorded). – LAIG+SFVIG

Dec 13 Young Persons Workshop (for “Young People” in OA) – OA Virtual Region 2nd Sunday series

jacqueline-munguia-1pAwJiCD60c-unsplash (1)Dec 19 Gifts of the Program Promises Fulfilled 4:00-6:00 pm PT (7-9pm ET). Four speakers on the 12 Promises with Q&A and writing prompts. – Nassau IG

Dec 20 From Fear and Fat to Happy, Joyous and Free for the Holidays!OA RISE

Dec 24 Speaker Meeting Thurs 6pm Zoom Mtg.” – OA UDDI

Dec 24 Christmas Eve phone marathon: Abstinence Keeps Us Happy, Joyous, & Free. – PacSun OA

Dec 25 Holiday Thank-a-ThonSpeaker, shares, fellowship. East Bay Unity IG

Dec 25 Christmas phone marathon: HP Is Doing for Us What We Cannot Do for Ourselves. New meeting starts every hour – PacSun OA

Dec 24-25 Continuous Fellowship Room – Share experience, strength, hope, readings, art, humor, music, and more – Nassau OA

Dec 26 Boxing Day/Kwanzaa phone marathon: Gifts of the Program – PacSun OA

Dec 31 Virtual Bingo In the New Year – Pre-register – OA Nassau IG (New York) OA Bingo New Year

Dec 31 Speaker Meeting join Thurs 6pm Zoom Mtg. or phone only dial 669 900 6833 for Meeting ID: 378 787 982 #. – OA UDDI

Dec 31 New Year’s Eve phone marathon: Placing Principles Before Personalities with Tradition 12 Spiritual Principle: Spirituality – PacSun OA