Event Summary | September

OA-RecoveryMeetings are Virtual…Recovery is Real
Join for Fellowship, Experience, Strength, and Hope…Together We Get Better!

Check host site for recordings of September OA events:

  • Life on Life’s Terms (Sept 6 OA Rise) How program can help you meet calamity with serenity—even when NOTHING seems certain
  • Making Footprints (Sept 12 Unity with Diversity IG) Staying on the Road to Recovery in a Changing and Challenging World
  • Twelve-Stepping Your Way Through FEAR (Sept 12 Rocklin/Roseville OA) COVID-19 Stress and Life: Practical & Tactical Approaches to Abstinent Living – flyer
  • Power of Surrender (Sept 13 North Jersey IG) – flyer
  • 19 Symptoms to Relapse (Sept 13 Virtual Region)
  • Sober Eating (Sept 13 South Bay IG) A commitment to identifying those foods and behaviors which produce an allergic reaction and an alcoholic response – flyer 
  • Twelve Step Marathon (Sept 19 East Bay OA) Multiple speakers share how OA’s 12 Steps transform people’s lives & their relationship with food
  • Steps 6 & 7 (Sep 20 OA RISE) Letting go of character defects (traits, obstacles) is a spiritual process. Join us in this caring approach to release them to receive the gifts and message of this program.
  • Step 2 Workshop (Sep 26 LAIG) History, common challenges, how to guide sponsees.
  • Service is Slimming (Sep 26 South Bay IG) What is service? How can I be of service? Why should I be of service? Hey, what’s in it for ME anyhow?
  • Back to Basics Big Book Study 6 Consecutive Sundays Sept 27-Nov 1 6:00-7:30 AM PT, Twelve Speakers, sponsors available (NJ IG).
  • OA Recovery with Mindful Meditation (Sept 27 OASGVIE) Cultivate calm mind, wise heart, ease and well-being. Increase emotional regulation, decrease reactivity, improve focus and attentional skills, have greater calm and ease.