Sponsorship Workshop

Sunday, June 7 from 12:00-1:30 pm PT (3:00-4:30 pm ET)

Open the Sponsorship Workshop for links to join Zoom by video or phone!

First Things First
Before doing anything, a new sponsor needs to study these OA pamphlets:
• A Guide for Sponsors
• Sponsoring Through the Twelve Steps
• A Plan of Eating
• Dignity of Choice
• OA’s Fifteen Questions

Key discussion points
• 28 Thoughts on Getting Newcomers Started
• Fifteen Questions (in Newcomers Packet)
• Getting Honest About Your Food and Weight
• Food Slip inventory
• Top Ten Characteristics of Effective Sponsors—we have Fifteen
• Seven Tips on Sponsoring

Questions or Information Requests can be sent via email, telephone or text: Jack P 709 746-8888 Email 20150808ab@gmail.com

Hosted by the Virtual Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous and the Outreach Men’s Sub-Committee (VIG)