Update from our R2 Rep

Intergroup representatives from all over the region, including Hawaii and Baja, convened in Irvine to discuss OA business. Noteworthy was the data analysis that World Service has published on the OA.org website (see World Service Business Conference tab, then “Frequently Used Documents,” then WSBC Final Report, 2013). While most compulsive eaters can be identified by ages 11-18, OA members are mostly 56-65 year olds! Please commit to telling one young person about OA before the end of the year.

Our international OA goals for this year are to increase our focus on 1) completing all 12 steps, 2) taking action to remain abstinent, and 3) taking individual responsibility for spreading the word about OA. You can start by downloading a poster from the OA website and posting it up locally for all, especially young people ages 18-35, to see.