Channel Islands Intergroup will be holding their annual service board elections on Tuesday, October 1st at 7:30 pm at the Carpenteria Community Church. There are currently no abstinence requirements to serve on the CIIG board, and you must be present at the October meeting in order to be considered for election.

Service on the CIIG board is fun, rewarding, a great opportunity to meet other OAers in the intergroup area (Camarillo, Ventura, Ojai, Carpenteria, Santa Barbara and Goleta), and an excellent way to promote your recovery in OA.

“Carrying the message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers is the basic purpose of our Fellowship; therefore, it is the most fundamental form of service. Any form of service—no matter how small—that helps reach a fellow sufferer adds to the quality of our own recovery….Members who meet the abstinence requirement can give service beyond the group level in such activities as intergroup representative, committee chair, region representative or Conference delegate. There are many ways to give back what we have so generously been given. We are encouraged to do what we can when we can. ‘A life of sane and happy usefulness’ is what we are promised as the result of working the Twelve Steps. Service helps to fulfill that promise.

“As OA’s responsibility pledge states: ‘Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this, I am responsible.'”

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Requirements (From the CIIG Bylaws):

a. Service Board – Election of these officers to the Board of OACII will be held at the regular OACII meeting in October, unless otherwise changed by majority of the voting body of a meeting of the OACII. Terms for one year, with a maximum of one re-election to the same office (i.e. An officer may not serve more than two (2) years in a single office without interruption.)

i. CHAIRPERSON: Chairs all OACII meetings, is unofficial member of all committees and all OACII-sponsored activities.

ii. VICE-CHAIRPERSON: Fills in for absent chairperson, helps to oversee all OACII-sponsored activities and updates group registration in cooperation with Overeaters Anonymous World Service Office (WSO).

iii. RECORDING SECRETARY: Takes minutes at OACII meetings and brings
copies of minutes to the following meeting for distribution.

iv. BUSINESS SECRETARY: Handles incoming and outgoing correspondence of
the OACII Board.

v. TREASURER: Handles the financial statements and pays expenses of the

7. Absenteeism – Any person elected and/or appointed at the Intergroup level who misses two (2) consecutive Intergroup meetings without notification in one year will have his/her position vacated. The vacated position will be filled by a majority vote at the next regular Intergroup meeting. The elected/appointed individual shall serve the remainder of the term and be subject to
re-election/reappointment at the end of the term.


June 2013 R2 Convention Recordings Available

Are you bummed because you missed the Region 2 Convention in Palm Springs this past June?

No worries–you can purchase recordings from the convention by visiting this link: R2 Convention Recordings

You can also listen to a free sample from the Relapse Workshop at the convention by clicking on this link: Relapse Workshop-R2 June2013, and then clicking on “2013 Relapse Workshop, Palm Springs” in the audio player on that page.