Intergroup Elections

Can you offer service at the Intergoup level? Elections for Intergroup Service Board and Volunteer Positions will be held october 6th…plus, meeting reps are always needed, always welcome!

From our CIIG Bylaws (amended Feb. 2006):

Service Board – Election of these officers to the Board of OACII will be held at the regular OACII meeting in October. Terms for one year, with a maximum of one re-election to the same office (i.e. An officer may not serve more than two (2) years in a single office without interruption.)

i. CHAIRPERSON: Chairs all OACII meetings, is unofficial member of all committees and all OACII-sponsored activities.

ii. VICE-CHAIRPERSON: Fills in for absent chairperson, helps to oversee all OACII-sponsored activities and updates group registration in cooperation with Overeaters Anonymous World Service Office (WSO).

iii. RECORDING SECRETARY: Takes minutes at OACII meetings and brings copies of minutes to the following meeting for distribution.

 iv. BUSINESS SECRETARY: Handles incoming and outgoing correspondence of the OACII Board.

v. TREASURER: Handles the financial statements and pays expenses of the OACII.




Volunteer Positions – Other positions to be volunteered by attendees at the time of regular election, but not considered part of the Service Board:

a. INTERVOICE EDITIOR(S): publishes a monthly newsletter including, but not limited to, an up-to-date directory of meetings in the service area and announcements of upcoming Overeaters Anonymous activities.

b. PARLIMENTARIAN: may be appointed by the Service Board of OACII and will serve in said capacity when so needed.

c. The Chairperson may appoint special committee chairperson(s) as needed (e.g., Public Information, Retreat and Marathon committee, Bylaws Committee, Hospitals, Institutions and Professionals [HI&P], etc.).



Integroup elections will be Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 7:30 at Chase Bank in Carpinteria. Service is its own reward…but you’ll get gratitude as well!