Intervoice Newsletter is Ready

Our July- August Intervoice newsletter is finished. Printed copies will be available at the Intergroup meeting Tuesday 7.01.2008, 7:30 in Carpinteria. If you can’t make it to that meeting, you can click here to download the Intervoice: ciig_intervoice_july_2008.


“Surrender To Win”

21st Annual Southern California Men’s Retreat*

Friday, August 01 – Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cost: $190.00 pp, triple occupancy

la Casa de Maria
800 El Bosque Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

What do you get?
1) Enjoy a wonderful weekend of fellowship with other men in recovery.
2) Two leaders who have worked all 12 Steps of recovery.
3) You also get two (2) nights of lodging and four, count ‘em, four (4) meals, which include breakfast, lunch & dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday morning.

For further information contact:
Steve G. (949) 433-7402
Click here to email Steve G.

Daniel S. (805) 636-6489
Click here to email Daniel S.

Click here to see the flyer*
Click here for a map

* This information is cross-posted verbatim from the LA Intergroup Web site, to carry the message.