Directions to Saturday Morning Ventura Meeting

The Saturday morning Ventura meeting can be hard to find.

To download a PDF with directions and maps click here:

saturday ventura meeting directions

Here are the directions in plain text:

From Main St, head EAST on Loma Vista

First traffic light is Brent, 2nd light is HILLMONT. Turn LEFT onto Hillmont

Turn RIGHT at the first driveway on your right
Continue straight after the stop sign. You’re approaching the front of the Medical Center – Continue left in front of the Medical Center. (Don’t go into their front entrance drive)

Turn right into the first driveway, then an immediate right again, into the Parking area. Park anywhere marked for Visitors.

Head over to Med Ctr building, through double glass doors (with a blue “stripe” thing over the doors).

Enter the double doors, and walk straight down the hallway.
After about 50 feet, turn right, down a hallway (Glass at the end of it).
Walk towards the glass, and you’ll see the elevator and the stairs that go down to the Cafeteria.
Once you are downstairs, head towards the Cafeteria, through those double glass doors.
Inside the Cafeteria, make an immediate left, into the opaque, etched glass doors. That is the meeting room!